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FinConnect offers a range of financial consulting services to help you achieve your financial goals.

Business Valuations

We can work with you to understand the value of your business, be it: 

  • For Internal Equity Transactions (such as selling equity between owners, or introducing a new owner) 

  • A business dispute (exiting an owner) 

  • Shareholders Agreements 

  • Restructuring – e.g. Capital Gains Tax purposes 

  • Matrimonial Settlements (divorce) 

  • Business Growth and Strategic Planning


Succession Planning

We can help you develop a plan to transition equity within your business, retaining and rewarding key employees and securing your retirement plans.

Restructure Advice

We can review your business structure and provide advice and a pathway to ensure you’re operating in the most efficient structure.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We can work with you on a merger, or acquisition, of a full or partial business, to ensure you’re protected and best set yourself up for success.

Sale Advice

We can assist you in positioning your business for sale. If you’re a financial planning business, we can work with you to market your business through a full sale.

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