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Why it’s important to buy the right practice,

the right way

We’ve unwound plenty of poorly executed M&A strategies, we find it’s always best to spend the time and resources upfront to reduce the risk of a poor outcome.

Situations where buying a practice can benefit

With the increasing regulatory costs, scale is a major contributor to financial success in these businesses. Small practices aren’t viable on their own anymore, even more so if you’re nearing retirement stage. Merging your practice with a likeminded organisation means spending time on what you love – seeing clients, and less time on compliance red tape. Similarly, if you’re building your business, acquiring is a great way to body build and profitability.

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Features of our Mergers and Acquisitions support

  • Understanding your existing business

  • Understanding what the merger / acquisition brings to you, and the other party

  • Understanding a fair offer

  • Documenting a terms sheet, including terms you require to make the deal work (e.g. handover periods, staff transitioning etc.)

  • Assisting with negotiations

  • Informing lawyers

  • Providing guidance about financing

  • Supporting you through completion and execution

If you want to reduce your risk in a merger or acquisition contact us today.

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