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Why it’s important to sell your business correctly

Selling your business can be an emotional rollercoaster – from deciding to undertaking the initial work and documenting your business, listing, meeting interested parties and final negotiations. Having someone in your corner is critical to reducing the load on you and maximising your result. We can work with you to reduce the load and impact on your business during the sales process, helping you operate as ‘business as usual’ whilst selling. The normal ‘DIY-er’ usually goes 1:1 meaning that there is no market tension to ensure the purchasing party act in a timely and competitive manner.

Situations where we can help in a sale process

A competitive sales process, by an informed ‘business broker’ means your confidential information is only going to parties who can execute on the transaction and that are likely to be a good fit with you. The competitive tension, and an adviser being on your side, means the purchaser has to take it seriously – act in a timely manner, ensure the offer and terms are competitive and then execute. We’ll keep them to task on timeline and guide you every step of the way.

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