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Knowing the value of your financial services business allows you to plan just like you do for your clients. A valuation is one thing, understanding it and your business is another, and that’s what experts in your field bring you.

Why is a business valuation important?

There’s nothing worse than seeing a client come to sell their business and understand it’s not worth as much as they expected. Or having a disagreement between shareholders as one exits, because the valuations they hold personally are different, and not necessarily based on ‘fact’. A valuation gives you information. And information gives you power.


When do you need a business valuation?


  • Buy / Sell insurance

  • Restructuring, Capital Gains Tax

  • Shareholders agreements

  • Introducing / Exiting Shareholders

  • Matrimonial matters

  • Business disputes

  • Re-financing

Why engage us for your business valuation?

We are qualified to provide APES225 compliant reports, and expert witness reports. Being Chartered Accountants, we’re bound by the Code of Ethics – so among other items, confidentiality is key.

By understanding your valuation needs upfront, we provide an engagement letter to suit your purpose, and apply the relevant methodology and reporting framework. We engage with you along the way, including a Business Valuation Interview, and often follow ups to discuss your report and how this impacts your next move. 

With our experience in the market, and our collegial relationship with other experienced practitioners in the industry – we have a direct link to market transactions happening now. To begin understanding your financial services business valuation, contact us today.

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